Sarkozy Under Fire | Europeans Seeking Zone Debt Crisis

In crafting a European plan last week to regenerate financial market and execution to the two -year crisis that’s originated by Greece, with a possible support from Beijing. Nicolas Sarkosy played lead role with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. For seeking Chinese’s assistance in resolving the crisis of euro zone debt, France’s opposition socialists have attacked President Nicolas Sarkosy. Martin Aubry, party leader said Europe had been shown to be weak by turning to Beijing. It seems sensational by turning to the Chinese the Europeans are showing that they are financially weak. On last Thursday Oct 2011, Sarkozy went on French TV to illustrate the plan born after an insensitive dialogue between the European leaders and bankers.

It seems that Euro-zone leaders may have too much of confidence that will definitely receive the financial help from G-20. To encourage Beijing to do the perfect investment in the European financial stability fund, Klaus who heads European bailout fund visited China last Friday and Saturday 2011. Running for re-elections, Nicolas Sarkozy has yet to declare. But his appearance over TV watched by millions of people was broadly seen as a warm-up before he gets into a competition for which he gravely tracks Hollande in Opinion polls.

Sarkozy used his visual aspect to put the central focus securely on the economy, probing to stand for himself as the best leader to guarantee that France can cut down its domestic debt without opening the population to the form of self-discipline that has provoked ferocious protest and hope in Greece. A senior fellow at the Brooking Institution in Washington and a former IMF economist, Eshwar Prasad said it is difficult to see the rest of the G-20 coming on the broad with a great liveliness or spirit unless European leadership can flesh out related information quickly or rapidly.

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