Capital of Syria rocked by twin blasts

On 10th May 2012, In Syria, according to an AFP correspondent, Capital of Syria rocked with quick succession of two powerful blasts and sending plumes of smoke billowing into the sky, rattling windows of buildings.
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Bombs in Syria

At that time it was not properly clear the caution of explosions. Damascus the capital of Syria has been target of a number of bombs in past months as President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad faces a revolt against his regime which his forces are attempting to crush. The blasts came a day after a bomb attack on a UN observer convoy in the southern city of Daraa, which injured six Syrian troops escorting the vehicles.

War civil in Syria

In the response of Daraa attack, the leader of UN Ban Ki-moon has warned the Government of Syria and there is a short opening to get rid of civil war and pointing the future of the cease-fire lookout mission that was seen to be ambiguous. According to Ban Ki-moon the violence in Syria should be resolved on the both sides and there must be opportunity to develop an opening front for the political involvements in between the government and the rebels. In Syria according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, round about 12,000 people in which mostly civilians have been killed during the revolt, inspired by Arab Spring conflicts, resulted in March last year.

In Syria, about 800 of them have died since a UN-backed truce was supposed to have taken effect on April 12. Damascus the capital of Syria, was hit by two blasts on 6th May 2012, with three soldiers wounded in one of the attacks. In Television footage showed a car destroyed by one of the explosions. According to state media on 27 April, 11 people has killed and dozens wounded in the capital of Syria at Zein al-Abidin mosque in central Midan district.

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