Syria – Syrian Activists: Damascus Misleading Arab League Observers

Government of Syria is under pressure as opposition group’s start blaming them for confusing Arab League, as they alter the changing street signs to mislead them and sending supporters into disobedient neighborhoods to give fake indication.

Syria - Syrie

Syria - Syrie

Activists of Syria

In the cities of Idlib in the north, central Homs and Daraa in the south, activists believe that army had hidden heavy weapons in urban areas even though league monitors said they had been withdrawn. According to these activists many supporters had painted military vehicle in color of blue which is exactly the same as they color of police.

Nabil Elaraby Arab League Secretary General confirmed that from residential areas government forces had withdrawn and ensures to stop violence and protect about 3,500 prisoners. Rami Abdelrahman, head of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights oppose the fact that military presence on the streets has been removed.

Syria and the internet

Activists posted few videos over internet that shows unbreakable vehicles, which were concealed behind fence. Syrian government has banned entry to most foreign journalists. On Wednesday Syrian government discarded U.S. allegations for failing to live up to its agreement with the Arab League. As per the Washington authorities Syria is trying to aggravate more violence to justify retribution. Jihad Makdisi, foreign Ministry spokesman said that these statements are unpleasant for the Arab League.

Activist groups confirmed that security forces and pro-government military shot dead at least 10 people in central Homs province. Syrian government condemns the fact by saying that it allows President Bashar al-Assad to continue fast down on the revolt against his 11-year autocratic rule. On Thursday Jeffrey Feltman, Obama administration’s top Middle East will handle meeting in Cairo for resolving and discussing the issues in Syria. According to United Nations more than 5,000 people have been shot dead since March in the crackdown on protests inspired by the Arab Spring democracy movement.

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